Earnan MacCathlain

Lord-Abbot of the Order of St. Macarius


What Was MacCathlain’s Plan?
Lord-Abbot MacCaithlain had long been fascinated
with the bones of the martyrs beneath
the Cathedral. He had sensed that they held with
them a great power that could be used for good.
When the invasion came, he recognized immediately
that this was the horde of the Fire-axe. He
wrongly supposed that this meant that all of the
Fire-axe’s army was here. He knew the defense
forces could not win this battle. But maybe he
knew of an army that could.

He fled down to the Cathedral catacombs and
began conducting a ritual to call for the spirits
of all the martyrs contained with the ossuaries.
He intended to rain an army not of a few ghost
martyrs but of thousands. And at the head of that
army, he would destroy the horde of the Fire-axe.
His plan will work.

If by the end of winter, Earnan
MacCathlain is not dead, he will call forth
approximately 5,000 ghost martyrs. Exactly what
this means is noted in the adventure’s conclusion.
More likely before that can happen the PCs will
kill him. If they carefully read the archives of
Saint Macarius they will realize how close they
came to defeat.


Earnan MacCathlain

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