Prince Gaius Vestromo

Vampire Prince of Ghastenhall


The vampire prince Gaius Vestromo has been a fixture of Ghastenhall for so long that many believe him only a legend. For five hundred and forty years, Prince Gaius has dwelt in this city. No one knows it like the Prince. No one understands the city like this lord of the undead. And no one is more entrenched in its culture and its folklore.

Every native of Ghastenhall has heard the tale of the wicked Prince Gaius who was cursed to undeath and lurks in the shadows under the city. Prince Gaius is a preferred bogey-man. Stories about Prince Gaius always end the same way – behave, keep to the good parts of the city and avoid strong drink and loose women or Prince Gaius will eat you.


Prince Gaius Vestromo

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