Way of the Wicked - AP of EEEEEvil

Winds of Change - Shedding the cardinal

With the victory at the Adarium, the King of Talingarde lies dead. However, Lord Havelyn and the princess have escaped. And Chargammon the Black’s last words still resonate in our minds: “Antharia”.

Reunited with Dessiter and having slain Brigit of the Brijidine, our villains have sought and met with the Envoy of Asmodeus to Talingarde himself, a high-ranking Pit Fiend. With their help, a loophole in the Cardinal’s Pact of Thorns has been found. The Cardinal must be stripped of his title, but a new Cardinal needs to rise in his place.

Who will take the mantle of supreme ruler of the church of Asmodeus in Talingarde?


The Battle of Fallings Bridge Another event of great import happens while the PCs are raiding the Adarium. In the city of Daveryn, General Vastenus Barca leads the armies of Talingarde into battle against the forces of the Fire-Axe. He gives a rousing speech to his assembled throng before the battle about how “…in one glorious stroke we will free Daveryn and slay the monster that threatens us all!” His men gallantly raise their swords and salute their high-born general.

General Barca orders these valiants en masse to attack the northern gate. “They think their flank conquered and pacified. They will never expect we men of the south and west to attack them from the north!”

Thanks to the treacherous infiltration of the city, Northgate was completely undamaged in the fighting as the city was taken. The gate house of Northgate plus its two flanking towers are fully manned by the Fire-Axe’s most veteran troops as the battle begins. Every square foot of those ramparts is crammed with hardened killers. Behind the gate waited a host of ogres and trolls kept in line by a mighty frost giant.

Again and again, the men of Talingarde charged those gate houses. Valiant knights, hardy yeomanry, and a thousand low-born volunteers here only because they believed in the dream that is Talingarde – charged those walls following the Sacred Banner of St. Theonas that had shielded through the winter chill. And upon those walls they died. Not by the tens nor the hundred, but by their thousands. They hallow the ground with their sacrifice.

Duty officers and lesser soldiers beg General Barca to stop the assault. “No,” he answers, “I can feel the enemy breaking. And once broken here, we shall break them everywhere.” The slaughter continued unabated.

Northgate was Duke Martin’s masterpiece of fortification. The Duke knew that the Fire-Axe were coming for him and so he had dedicated uncountable resources to shoring up this gatehouse over the last winter to be ready for the northern invaders. Its walls were buttressed by stone masons forced to work through winter nights. Its gates framed in iron by smiths heated only by their forge fires. Its armories stocked with tens of thousands of arrows made by every fletcher in the city.

Only a single bridge crossed the River Briden, here at its deepest and swiftest. This bridge was named for its architect – Sir Falstaff. The locals named the old stone crossing Fallingsbridge almost as a joke since it was so sturdily built. And upon that bridge, for hours upon one fine spring day, did the armies of Talingarde at the behest of a treacherous lord, give their lives for a king already dead.

It is almost shocking how well the men of Talingarde fared in a battle so horrifically stacked against them. They charged the gate house not once but seven times. They managed to push a battering ram up to the gate even under the most intense hail of missile fire imaginable. Even as boiling oil poured upon their ranks like a black waterfall, they broke the outer gate and swarmed into the gatehouse. Past countless murder-holes and arrow slits they pushed. They broke the inner gate and there they met the frost giant king’s personal guard. And only there in the streets of conquered Daveryn did their might at last wane.

Every giant, ogre and troll who barred their passage died that day. The knights of the Alerion led the charge and finally managed to achieve what seemed for a moment a pyrrhic victory. But the survivors of the slaughter were too few. And just as it seemed this might be the most horrific sort of triumph – The Fire-Axe himself took the field leading his cadre of lieutenants and their personal warbands. And with one charge, every hero left alive beneath the Northgate died.

The Fire-Axe raised the fallen Standard of St. Theonas that had marched at the armies fore. With his infernal weapon he set it aflame and cried victory loud enough for even hell to hear. Far away upon the field, Vastenus Barca broke a clay seal. His work was done. Tiadora and her furies teleported to his location and slew all that remained of his high command. Tiadora approached General Barca, covered in the blood of his most trusted subordinates, and bowed. “Well done, Lord of the Cainite Knot.”

General Barca looked upon the slaughter that surrounded him and shed a single tear._ “You promised me a crown! Where is it?”_

“You shall have your crown.”

The Story so Far

Branderscar Prison You have been imprisoned for being an evil criminal. You were tossed in a cell, only to wait for your ultimate end three days later.

But that night, a woman appeared that changed the course of your history. She dropped her magic veil, giving you and your new companions the little help you needed to plan your escape. With her tools, your wit, and a little bit of magical help you were able to slowly but surely sneak outside and eventually Bluff your way past the front gate.

It appears that Branderscar’s reputation as inescapable was only true until now.

Pursued by your captors, you fled into the nearby moors. The woman you met at the prison mentioned a manor house on the far side of the moors would be your final destination, should you want to know more about your mysterious benefactor. Little did you know that you were being hunted by a beast known as Lashtongue since you entered the moor.

At the most opportune moment, Lashtongue attacked you, but met its end swiftly. The equipment you scrounged from the prison was sufficient to defend yourself. Finally outside the moors, the manor house looms in the distance.

Greeted once again by the same woman you saw at Branderscar, you find yourself in the home of Andrastus Thorn. He was the man who arranged for your escape. He told you a tale full of promises of war, revenge and power. Just the things you love to hear about. He invited you all to join his crusade against Talingarde, to help him burn it to the ground so a new nation to the unholy father Asmodeus can rise from its ashes.

You accepted…


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