Clarifications and House Rules


Characters will begin a session withOUT inspiration. Players may earn up to 1 inspiration, and the party may earn additional, communal inspiration. Party inspiration caps at 2.

Characters may spend inspiration the following ways:
1 inspiration – before rolling a d20, gain advantage on the roll (or remove disadvantage)
2 inspiration – reroll a d20 after seeing the results, but before GM says the result

I will be more liberal doling out inspiration.

Traps, secret doors and searching rooms

Passive Perception will determine:
1. Is there a secret door present nearby
2. is there any valuable or interesting items within sight.
3. are there traps present nearby

The DC to detect traps and secret doors is 1 higher for every 10’ between you and it

INsight skill checks will determine:
1. Is there and where is the secret door
2. Is there, where is, and what is the nature of the trap
3. what’s inside drawers, chests, under mattresses, behind portraits, etc…

If you specify an area or object (“I search the east wall for buttons”) the DC to find anything there/like that is reduced by 5, but takes 1 minute of work

Clarifications and House Rules

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