Making a Character

Determine Ability Scores

D&D 5th edition 27-point buy will be used.

Pick Your Race

This is unchanged. All races in the Player’s Handbook plus Genasi, Goliath and svirfneblin are allowed.

There are certain races that will be more difficult to play in this campaign. Extremely unusual or monstrous races are likely to be troublesome. PCs of those races may find themselves uninvolved in certain parts of this campaign.

The PCs after all are on a secret mission to infiltrate and destroy Talingarde. It will be more difficult to infiltrate anything if you are travelling with a dragon-man, a tiny deep gnome and a huge Goliath for example. Tread carefully with your choices.

Pick Your Class

All PHB classes are permitted except certain Paladin and Cleric options. Sword Coast Adventures class options are also allowed except for Way of the Sun Soul. Monks of light do not walk the way of the wicked.

Assassin rogues are a great choice for this campaign. Subtle killing can potentially be useful again and again.

Barbarians can be a good choice. Barbarians have the challenge of coming up with a good reason why a class as chaotic and rebellious as this one would cooperate with a group of lawful evil followers of Asmodeus. Perhaps a cleric of Asmodeus (another PC?) saved your life and now you owe that priest your service.

Bards may join the College of Swords or College of Satire in addition to the PHB choices

Clerics are allowed but must worship a god who approves of the villainous path ahead of you. Worshipping the lawful evil god Asmodeus is strongly encouraged. Clear other choices with the GM. The Death domain in the DMG is allowed, while the PHB’s Life and Light domains are not

Druids are permitted though neutral good druids are not. Evil druids are a perfectly valid choice but you must decide why such a character would ever join an organization that honors a lawful evil god.

Fighters may use the Cavalier or Scout martial archetypes.

Monks of the Way of the Sun Soul do not walk the way of the wicked.

Paladins may only select the following Sacred Oaths: Oath of Vengeance, Oath of the Crown (SCA) and Oathbreaker (DMG)

Rangers will find that Humanoid (Human) and Outsiders are solid choices for their favored enemy.

Sorcerers may select the Shadow Origin.

Warlocks of The Fiend patron will be in great company.

Pick Skills and Select Feats

PCs begin with 1 extra skill proficiency at character generation, regardless of class. The PCs will be on their own for much of the campaign and will have difficulty relying on others for skills. Besides, villains should more competent than the average man.

All PHB feats are allowed

Buy Equipment

The characters begin with nothing. They have no money, no weapons or armor, no gear, no animal companions of any sort and no material possessions besides tattered, dirty prison clothes. Equipment will be acquired in game.

Magic items will be very rare and will either need to be found or crafted. Purchasing magic items off the market will be extremely limited.

Bards begin without their instruments.

Clerics begin having chosen all their spells for the day. They do not have their holy symbol or any material components however.

Druids also begin having chosen all their spells for the day. They do not, however, have their animal companion with them. Presumably such a companion was slain during their capture or escaped and awaits them outside. Regardless, such beasts would never be allowed inside the prison. Only if they escape from Branderscar prison will they have a chance to reunite with their companion or acquire another.

Wizards, Sorcerers and Warlocks do not have their spell books, material components, familiars or foci. They do however begin with a full selection of memorized spells from before their incarceration.

Finishing Details

As normal except that good and chaotic alignments are not allowed. Every character must be lawful neutral, lawful evil, neutral or neutral evil. Of those four alignments, lawful evil is definitely the preferred choice.

Backgrounds are all allowed, but you must align them to your character and the campaign. How did your Background apply to an evil character? Some of the background features may be worse suited than others for evil characters, so choose appropriately. Folk Hero, for example, may not be a great choice while Criminal would be a great choice.

Further, every character must choose a crime that landed in them in Branderscar. They were not wrongly imprisoned — they are guilty of their charge. .

There is a further requirement and it is something of an intangible quality. At some point in this adventure path every character is going to have the chance to join an evil organization and swear allegiance to the master of that organization and its patron – the lawful evil god Asmodeus. The adventure path assumes you say yes to this chance. Therefore, you should make a character who can say yes.

Making a Character

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